JW Access

An Alexa skill that provides a voice interface to access and play media freely available in the public areas of the website JW.org.

Go to JW.Org and learn more about Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Bible.
10/07/2019: There is now an OFFICIAL Amazon Alexa skill available!

Now that an official JW.org Alexa skill has been released, you are encouraged to make the transition over to the official app as soon as possible. The new skill has additional features, such as playing the broadcast, and playing content in other languages. This is an amazing announcement for our blind and low-vision brothers and sisters. JW Access will continue to function for a period of time (TBD). But will soon be discontinued.

More information can be found here: Support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant on JW.ORG

To enable the JW.ORG skill on your Alexa device, please select the appropriate language and location below: